Monday, July 18, 2011

Totally sweet surprise

Off to Central Park for a jaunt of stop-look-listen.
Central Park West at 69th street, statue honoring 7th Regiment.
Under his jacket a cozy sparrow abode.

I stood at the Oven listen to bird calls. Lots of the usual,- blue jays, young grackles, cardinals,
sparrow chirps, and then I heard a different voice, one I'd never heard before. It's a good thing I was alone, because onto a branch flew this little bird and my mouth started talking,"What are you"? "Oh, you're cute." "Young." Little one was about sparrow size, yellow marking in beak corner, behavior definitely juvenile. Sitting, staring and then a second one flew to same tree. My brain was running down possibilities. Young what??? And then it registered. Young oriole. I'd never before seen a young oriole. Click, click, click. My lens was too powerful to get both birds in one frame. The first little one flew back into tree cover, but the second one stayed put.

I have a feeling this is a young female orchard oriole. If anyone knows for sure please leave a comment. I'm not an oriole specialist, but know the young can look different from the mature bird. This little one really acted like a youngster.


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