Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More from the 4th

The body language says it all. These are no longer blind, helpless babies. Parents have to feed kids from above the nest . No more room in the "house".

I don't know which side they'll use for fledging, but there's huge interest in the south "portal".

Went upstairs to get a couple hours work done.

Back downstairs at dusk.
First time I could really see baby cardinal.

Oh, wow. Somebody has left home. Only two kids in nest now.

Much more space in the nest now. I suspect fledgling is in tree across the path, but not sure.

In this space are calling baby sparrows and a real dumb young starling.

Starling came to limb right next to robins' nest.

Fortunately, its mother arrived so it flew to ground to yell at her for food.

To be continued.


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