Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The hawk kids are so beautiful.

But not everything is beautiful in the park. I'm going to post "Shame on you!" images as appropriate. This kid was in a row boat, ordered his pal to run the boat right up onto the rock
so that he could scare the geese off the rock. "I love disturbing nature". He did. Jumped out of boat and geese scattered. Perfect. I got his picture and reported him to the boat attendant. This kid should not have been allowed out onto the lake. He also thinks standing up in a boat,... think surf board..., is proper boat behavior.

The rower doesn't know how to maneuver a boat, knows how to go forward, but has no idea how to stop or go in reverse. He was hitting other boats. Reported him also. Since when are kids in the 12-13 year range allowed out onto the lake without an adult and without life preservers?!

This final shame image is of a stupid adult who shook branches near where the hawk perched and when asked to back away as one of the kids ate on the ground refused to move even an inch.

Back to gorgeous babies.

Off to catch a squirrel.

The squirrel ran around the tree. Hawk ran around the tree. "Ring around the rosey"......

Squirrels are awfully fast. They have to be caught on the ground. Up? Forget it.

As I headed back here I spotted a blob up another tree in the Rambles.

From reverse side.

More hawk images in next posting.


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