Saturday, July 2, 2011

Much bigger!

My first reaction upon getting to the nest each morning is "Who are these big kids?" You can see them grow. Look back five days ago...... no feathers, eyes shut, tiny. Now they're personalities well on the way to fledging. Big mouths still.
Big fecal sacs. Not mulberries this time.

Worms on the way. Notice top of head, a warning to others.

Pole stop just below nest.

Think eating sausages.

It got windy, so Mom sat on family. But then she remembered that after eating the kids deliver the fecal sac, so she walked backwards over kids......

and tended to the rear of the matter.

That taken care of, it was front snuggle time.

Just look at the size of this nestling.

The babes are big enough now that I can see them from a side vantage point.

Big enough to now see little po-pos. Here comes the fecal sac.

Around the corner sparrow is yanking out grass for a nest.
The robin family provides oohs and ahs for everyone who passes by and cares to stop. You'd be surprised how many people notice nothing.


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