Sunday, July 10, 2011

More sweet family

Both parents spent the afternoon feeding their child. The parent comes with a mouth filled with food and feeds child bit by bit. It's amazing to watch. They don't have fingers with which to tear off a portion. It's all done with bill agility and tongue. I saw the father bring a moth, feed bit by bit, then fold wings of moth and get remainder into baby. Packed it in.


Couldn't tell what the mother had until image in computer, a rice cake twist, one of those things you can buy in a bag of rice cake nibbles, a bit peppery too.

She dropped some of it and came to ground to retrieve the precious food.

I think New York birds will eat anything, but rice cake treats, that's a new one.

Dropped and retrieved again.

Those big hunks do go down-the-hatch.

In between feeding both parents searched for their missing child. Both were calling. Both were on the ground looking under plants. Their search was obvious. I talked to them, explained what had happened and that their other baby was in bird Heaven. The father flew at my face. The mother came to my feet and stared at me. What do we know about what language birds understand.

By 4pm the parents were trying to get the baby to move to another branch by practically waving food in its face. It stayed put.

More images in next posting.

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