Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby report

There are three baby hawks (eyas). I can't see into the nest and from where I've been standing I can't see their fluffy heads yet, but that will change soon enough. When I arrived this morning in the rain I could tell that Mama Hawk was feeding her kids. She takes tiny bites of meat and delivers same to assorted beaks. She studied me. I watched her, but the rain was thick, not worth standing around for hours. There was a convention of blue jays screaming overhead, so Mama Hawk stayed low in the nest covering her children. I'm not big on boats, so didn't stay around to see what else would float down the river.

I headed back home, was thinking about earth worms and decided to check out last summer's nest site. Whoa!!! There's a mama robin incubating. She's added some green sprigs to the nest and has settled in, probably a very easy conversion, ready made base. I think she's only been incubating for about four days, because I've been checking this site fairly regularly. It's a wonderful site now. The leaves on the branches have filled in, so she has protection from the rain and if you don't know the nest is there it's hardly noticeable from the path. This nest is within touching distance so the cover from human intervention is very important. Mama Robin is incubating like a contented Buddha.

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