Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fuzzball, and other returns

Serious birders go searching for the exotic birds- the migrating warblers. I'm contented to see anything. When birders cross paths the usual greeeting is, "What have you seen?" Yesterday I got asked that and my reply was, "Mad Eye Moody and Fuzzball". You can imagine the kind of reaction that got, but it was the truth. I was totally surprised to meet Mad Eye again. I had thought that grackle was a goner. Well, not quite. He's doing the same thing, staying low under the leaves and leaving his mouth open a lot.

Fuzzball is now spry and better prepared to survive, bumbling agile, looking like a tough little personality. I found him on a branch in the same area as Sunday, but now he's learned how to hop around in the brambles, so I may hear him from now on, but I may not be able to see him again. I saw him hop onto a side of a tree, a slippery slope for a youngster. He wasn't too sure-footed, but got himself sorted out, then followed Papa into the underbrush. Smart baby.

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