Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thar she blows

At this time of year I expect to see temite hatch-outs and they're wonderful, because every bird in the area comes to feast. They don't care how close humans are. They're busy scarfing down the termites.

I got into the park and immediately saw a robin at a hatch hole at the base of a tree. This was a good sign, but nothing could have prepared me for what was to come. At about 2:45pm it seemed as if every log in the Rambles hatched. There were zillions of termites,- logs and stumps coated with them. The pity was that there were no warblers. There were millions of termites that went airborn uneaten. Some of the park "regulars" gorged on the bugs, but no special birds. A hatch-out doesn't last long, maybe 45 minutes of hatch, dry out, fly away. Go back to bug-laden log and hour later and there are no more termites. Drats!! If only the hatch-outs had been yesterday. There would have been a warbler feeding frenzy. i was really very funny, though. Birders exclaimed, "Hot spot!" "There's another!" "Here!" "Hatch!", etc.

The green heron was also food hunting, not termites, fish.

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