Monday, May 11, 2009

Birding by ear

This is the time of year for bird songs. I'm listening all the time. Pretty song. Who are you? Where are you? It can get very frustrating. I don't know everyone's song, but when I know a song I REALLY know it.

I heard the oriole, pretty singing, unique roundness to tone. But why, oh why, must the bird be way up in the tree?! Shooting against sky light makes it hard to get a good picture. Lots of bugs, so oriole was munching. I didn't even see the sparrow that joined in the bug fest until reviewing the take.

I happened to sense movement at my side and there in my face was the parula warbler. This little beauty is usually bugging in the dense leaves, hard to catch. I know it's song, have been hearing it all over the place, but getting the picture is elusive. Part of the time the bird was almost too close, so I feasted with my eyes.

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