Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A special visitor

At dusk I went down to the garden to see if the oven bird would return. There's lots of new sod in the garden, good bugs and worms. At the east end of the building there's an area that's muddy. I was walking and searching when movement caught my eye. The oven bird??? Oh, my goodness, not the oven bird, an even better treasure, the black-throated blue warbler walking around catching gnats. I tried to stare through leaves but eventually I lost sight of him. The bugging is so good I figured he'd stay around. I walked to our little fountain and waited. The pigeons came to drink, sparrows next, robins, two starlings...... and then there was movement behind the rocks, behind the leaves. The oven bird??? No, the little warbler again. Oh joy! I adore this tiny bird and don't usually get to see it so close or unobstructed. It hung around off and on for about 45 minutes,.... ate bugs, sipped water, bathed, posed very nicely. Had the sun still been out its blue feathers would have really glimmered.

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