Friday, May 1, 2009

Mazel tov !!!!!!

Bruce Yolton has announced that there are babies (eyas) in the hawk nest, at least two. He's got bits of white fluff showing in a video on his web site-

I ran down to Riverside to see if I could see anything. The babies are still too small to be really seen, but in the final image of this blog there is a glimmer of a baby (?), above the two leaves, lined up with the "B" in Beth.

When I first got to the nest Mama was sitting. Along came a lady with a small dog off leash. Mama hawk took a real interest in that pooch. Then she announced, "I've got kids!" (I know I'm making this human.) She watched the world, then fed herself. It was very obvious that she was the one eating, no attention to anything else in the nest. I could not see if she was dining on pigeon, squirrel, or rat. After eating she resumed sitting. I was there for two hours hoping to see both parents, but it was just Mama in the nest.

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