Saturday, May 9, 2009

More hawk from yesterday

There was a lot of activity, baby feeding, branch delivery, Papa attendance, rat delivery and removal to further tree for dining later in the day, Papa sitting guard on nearby branch. The rat that was delivered was taken off uneaten, clearly a plump, whole body. This is a huge concern, healthy rat?, poisoned rat?? There's no way to predict the future. This is New York and we share space. People don't want rats and take action, but hawks want rats. There's a cafe nearby with uncovered garbage bins. I'm sure it's attracting rats, easy pickings for the hawks, but the cafe is going to put out rat traps, the wrong kind. Even Riverside Park puts out poison rat traps. I don't know how to solve this problem, peace for humans, survival of hawk babies.

The photo challenge is formidable. This nest is backlit in the afternoon, harsh on the eyes. Mama Hawk feeds her babies in a variety of positions, not always photo-easy. There is one important alert. Never stand under a hawk nest site unless wearing a huge hat. The babies know instinctively to relieve themselves over the nest edge. I was watching yesterday when a stream erupted out into space. The Audubon guys asked, "What was that?!" Housebroken baby hawk taking a s_ _t. The guys thought that was terrific. Me too.

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