Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Berry delicious

All was quiet in Strawberry Field yesterday morning, just me and the birds, lots of mud, lots of bugs, lots of berries. Into my line of view came the female scarlet tanager, not way up in a tree, down low, human hip height. This kind of experience thrills me. I tried telepathy..... I love you, I won't hurt you, just let me watch, you're beautiful. I know the tanager knew I was watching. I had the joy of watching her dining. I don't know what makes THE berry the berry-of-choice. Each one plucked is deliberately chosen. The berry is then mushed around in the bill, the pulp and juice enjoyed, skin eaten last. The cardinals eat berries this way too unlike the robins and catbirds who pluck-and-gulp, one second berries. I watched for a long time really enjoying the tanager. Super sweet. I know this is a large blog. I did edit, but can't bear to cut one more image. There was no one else around to share this magic.

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