Monday, October 26, 2009

The rock

When it rains water collects in Sparrow Rock, "Tide Pools" of a sort. That's where I saw the sparrow in the previous blog and where I spotted the robin kneeling to take a sip. As I was leaving the area my eye spotted a "brown ball". It took one second for my brain to register, WREN. Slowly I walked around the edge where I assumed it was bug-hunting and saw nothing, so I decided to wait and be patient. It never dawned on me that the house wren would pop out on the rock to rest and take the sun. It must have been full of food, needed to pause. So here I was with new camera and there was wren maybe 6' away totally relaxed. What a great photo opportunity. Wrens scoot in the dark leaves, very hard to photograph. This was one atypical winter wren.

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