Sunday, October 4, 2009

Feral kitty

There's a young kitty in the Shakespeare Garden, totally feral at this young age. I don't know if the park's department people are putting out some food for it. It's a good stalker, but it's a very young cat, totally wary of people, good at taking cover in the tall grass, but oh, how such a kitty makes my heart ache. If it had come to me I would have given it a home, but it disappeared very fast. There's no way to tell how far this kitty is roaming, possibly finding shelter in the bathrooms, possibly having a hidey-hole elsewhere. There's no point in calling Animal Patrol. They'd put out a trap and then put kitty to sleep. Thank goodness the weather is mild, but that won't last for long. I want to help Kitty, but Kitty doesn't want any part of me.

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