Friday, October 16, 2009

Totally strange

As I walked by the garden my eyes caught sight of something different. The patch of ground has been newly seeded and the delighted sparrows have been devouring the seeds, but what I saw was...... a chipmunk?? a chipmunk with feathers??????? I ran for the camera. Common sense: this could not be a chipmunk or an owl or a penguin. This is (I think) a white throated sparrow with some sort of deformity making it walk like a penguin. It's eating lustily, but can't seem to wipe its beak clean, doesn't have that back and forth motion. I watched for an hour. It ate non-stop. The other sparrows dined next to it, no confrontation. I didn't see it fly. I suspect its days are numbered. But, Dr. Darwin, is this is a sparrow-penguin............... ????

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