Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ants on the menu

The kinglet search was almost impossible,
so that led me to a different meadow where, much to my surprise, the flickers were ignoring me instead of flying off. The ants must have been abundant. The light was perfect, sun on straw. Flickers well camouflaged.

They ram-rod drill into the ground for ants.

Very well camouflaged.

Normally the flickers are skittish, don't allow a human this close. They knew I was there. Maybe they considered me a hawk deterent. Nothing was going to swoop down to grab them with a human "scarecrow" with camera in attendance.

A female flicker. No black markings on malar.

I see you too.

This was the first time ever having such a peaceful flicker meeting, the enchanting anting hour.

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