Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sweet owl

Friday began with the "Littles"........ a parula,

a calling wren

And then the "Biggie", a barred owl, very rare in the park. Before I saw it the owl had been in a couple of trees, moving around in daylight probably due to blue jay disturbance. It was way up in a tree surrounded by leaves, best view straight up.

It would doze off head hanging down.

The jays returned to mob the owl and it fluffed up its feathers to try and look bigger. This is not a tiny owl to begin with, 21" according to the bird book.

We gawked. Owl gawked back.

More jays screaming. Hawk looked west.
In a second it turned and flew west. I'm not a good flight photographer especially with leaves in the way.

Next resting spot was in Muggers' Woods, much better view.

It did what owls do in daytime..... doze, look around, doze, look around, doze, etc. By this time it had a huge group of admirers coming from far and wide as fast as they could.

Love that face!

Time to preen a little. Oh my, pussy cat "paws".

Barred owl is safely someplace else. Saturday was back to being a "Little" day. It was thrilling to see this special park visitor.


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