Thursday, October 20, 2011

One hour observations

Sometimes an hour of pretty things is just what's needed to relax.
Song sparrow

Goodbye song sparrow

Foot bath thrush

Mrs. Towhee

Mr. Towhee

All around the park there are signs, "Dogs must be on leashes at all times". Try and tell this owner, Rules don't apply to him. I guess he doesn't love his dog, because anything is possible in the park... another dog on the attack, a rabid raccoon, a kicking human being, anything. This is a beautiful dog.

This is the stupid, law breaking owner.

But there is such a thing as poetic justice. Another person came along and asked if he could toss the ball to the dog. The ball was tossed and went sailing far into the shrubbery, the dense shrubbery with thorns. End of game. Ball lost. It couldn't have happened to a better ball. This won't stop this owner or the other owners who think they don't have to be responsible.

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