Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cuckoo and others

The strangest combo of the day, the mallard in the cactus patch.
The most exciting subject of the day,- the yellow-billed cuckoo. It didn't make a sound. Sometimes not all shooting situations are optimal.

The flicker never noticed human in its space.

This was strange. It doesn't show in pictures, but I saw the two black-throated blue warbler next to each other, both male. One was tiny. The second was almost twice as big. I couldn't get a shot of them both together, because my lens is too powerful and I didn't dare take a step for fear of spooking both birds. One was winter wren size tiny. The other was redstart size. This is the tiny one.

The larger one was above it on a stalk.

Pop art black-throated blue.

Redstart, flasher.

Oriole, Strawberry Fields. I've seen this bird three days straight.

Common yellow throat warbler, fully mature male.

Grosbeak, lots of them in town.

And much to my surprise, there are still hummers in the park.


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