Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The blue berries

It was kind of quiet in several spots. How many perching thrush pictures can a person take?

Off to Cedar Hill to look for hawks. Instead I found Juniper Berry Heaven with at least a hundred yellow rump warblers gorging. Fun feeding frenzy.

I don't know what makes a berry the perfect berry. The birds appeared to lick some of the berries then discard them.

Other berries were swallowed whole.

The berries on the ground must have been just right, because they were being eaten. I wondered if the grounders were fermented, but didn't see any obviously drunk yellow rumps.

The perfect end picture.

A cluster of skittish flickers also had interest in the juniper berries, but surprisingly no robins and no other warblers. This must be a yellow rump preference.


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