Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Typical assortment

Some days don't start happily. One dead red-eyed vireo on the sidewalk on West 69th street. No sign of trauma, so most likely it flew into a window and broke its neck.
That made seeing this very much alive red-eyed vireo a joy.

Blue-headed vireo

Nashville warbler in hiding

Lots of brown creepers in town

Grosbeak.... I'd never before seen a grosbeak in October.

Fall art

I was watching for kinglets, but kept seeing thrushes

The common yellow throat female

I'd like to see a bird catch and eat this.

Finally one kinglet. I could hear them way up in the treet tops gorging on bugs.

Female towhee

It was time to return here, rounded path and there in my face, finally, kinglets!

The kinglets are tiny and almost as hard to photograph as hummingbirds.


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