Sunday, July 11, 2010

Am I the mommy ?

There is one spot in the garden where I can stand and still be shielded from the hot sun. It's under a tree, good view in three directions. It's the area where the 3-baby family hangs out. This has to be hatchling #1, the first to really find food on its own and it had to show me how clever it was. I didn't move. Across the grass it scooted with its mulberry. "See what I found!"

And after the mulberry it found a worm that was conveniently at the surface.

That's when I began to get the giggles. This fledgling was staying put right at my feet. Am I the Mommy? Mommy with camera? What a great opportunity to do portraits of a new life.

Eventually the fledgling moved on, but for a while there I wondered if this babe would learn the importance of being cautious.

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