Sunday, July 25, 2010

Evening, fledge day

No more rain. Two out. One to go. Finally, the Runt has a room of his own. And he was clearly enjoying the space. Lots of stretching and watching, even tracking bugs.

And then faster than I could comprehend he gave this move that I recognize and up came a pellet, not the usual brown pellet, a red pellet. The camera caught more than my eye/brain could process. Clic, click, click...... while I was saying, "what the????????" Probably a red pellet from eating so many berries.

No question. A pellet. And then the dumb bird swallowed it, which just means it would make a return appearance at some point.

The facial expressions crack me up.

Meanwhile, across the path and slightly south sibling is enjoying the spruce tree. Very cozy, but not easy for balance or lift, because the branches wave.

The babies don't know how to seek cover for protection when first fledging. They sit around looking contented while parents call a warning, "Take cover!"

More images of fledging to follow tomorrow.

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