Monday, July 26, 2010

Post Fledge report

Finding the new fledglings involves listening for their call and watching the parents as they fly with food deliveries. For the first couple of days the babies are usually up in the leaves.There's safety in being hidden, but there's always a baby who will run along the ground before taking cover. I can't tell the difference between Baby #1 and Baby #2.

Baby #3 has been a "grounder".

This is most likely Baby #1 judging by its behavior.

Baby #3, alas, is totally recognizable. This baby broke its ankle joint. (I don't know the correct term.) Both of its legs were fine while a nestling. I've looked carefully at the pictures, especially when it was standing alone on the edge of the nest. Something serious happened after it left the nest. The parents are still feeding it. It scoots across the ground, but it can't get lift-off to fly up to a branch. That may change in a day or two as it develops more strength. I have seen robins with this malady who have reached adulthood, but this doesn't look good.

You can see that it's walking on the ankle joint instead of the foot and this throws off its balance.

I'm about 150 pictures behind in editing/prepping. I have seen Baby #3, still alive.

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