Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More in the park

Imagine... a real peach tree in the park, a little tree, real peaches.

The catbird was anting in the bright sun of Strawberry Field. At first I missed the bird, brown on brown, but the eyes caught my attention.

The call of the baby was what caught my attention, not a young robin this time, a wonderful baby cardinal. Both parents in vicinity finding seeds and popping same into baby's mouth.
I didn't dare get closer for fear of scaring them off. It's not often that I see cardinal family interaction. Just like the robin children this baby called non-stop.

It's too soon, but in another month there will be lots of jewel weed one of the hummingbirds' favorite blossoms. I've been checking all the favorite spots looking for blossoms. So far one blossom.


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