Thursday, July 29, 2010

Still thriving

Finding the babies is easy. They call for food. Figuring out which baby it is can be harder. The behavior has to be observed. Fledglings #1 and #2 both stand on two healthy legs. It's Amahl who has the problems.

I heard the "peep peep" and went to see who was calling for food. It was Amahl and it felt very good to see this determined baby back on high after the previous day's tumble.

The left foot clings. The right foot is rested against the branch.

But sometimes the right foot is in clutch position.

Balance is a problem , one wing or another being used to right the body no help from crippled foot.

This is not the best branch to be on, because there's no place for the parent to stand when delivering food. I watched baby call for food for over an hour. No food delivery.

The baby must have realized this, because it flapped both wings and fumbling awkwardly, flew higher in the tree to a spot where I could not longer see him, hear yes, see no. Still, this was impressive. This is one determined kid.
As I walked around the garden my eyes fell to this form. I know what it is, but it sure looked like the cocoon for something prehistoric.

It's the closed bud for a magnolia blossom. Or maybe a West End Avenue dinosaur?

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