Monday, July 12, 2010

Buggy Sunday

Off to Central Park for a change with no particular expectations and no idea who long I could tolerate the heat. The first critter of interest was the caterpillar inching along a fellow's backpack while he tried getting pictures of it with his cellphone. Pretty little thing, sort of like watching a pekinese at the Westminster Dog Show.

I was praying that the caterpillar would not end up like this one.

Lots of insect activity by Turtle Pond. I felt as if I was watching creatures from outer space.

My eyes didn't see this at the time. It was the bee in the foreground I was concentrating on. Behind the bee there's a moth, could be a hummingbird moth. Not positive.

This wasp is a fantastic creature. Positively theatrical.

There are fabric designers who would kill to create something as glorious as these wings.

The dragonflies.

The swallowtail butterflies were a magical ballet.

I was not trying to get the stereotypical butterfly image. This was a deliberate attempt to get the beauty of their form, the elegance of the swallowtail while they worked the blossoms.

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