Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Behavior downstairs

First pretty personality of the day, a "red-headed" pigeon in the sprinkler. Pretty little thing.

The Runt hasn't been able to get off the ground. He's still in the same area across the path from the nest, makes attempts to cling to a tree, but falls back to the ground. He'll get stronger and might be able to get airborne, but I don't feel good about the prospects for this little one.

Baby #1 has found a safe perch in the middle of the garden. Follow the call for food, find baby.

This baby appeared at lawn way over south. It's beginning to lose its baby spots, but acts like a baby, demanding food from parent, no ability to poke around itself. Body= precocius puberty? Brain = baby robin.

This happened in two seconds. Parent found a huge worm, ran to baby, worm gulped down. It happened faster than I could photograph, an eye-blink snack.

Baby #2 also has a safe perch.

It's the behavior that gives clues to what's going on. Food in mouth = food for babies.
The trick is to watch where the food delivery is being made.

For a moment I wondered if the new nest was in the lamp. The robin waited a while. Delivery is never directly to the nest. Diversion = safety. The worms got delivered up into a tall tree about 4th floor height. An impossible photo situation, but wonderful for the nestlings.

This nest is wonderful for safety but extra work for the parents, the equivalent of food delivery to Mars.

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