Saturday, July 31, 2010

An OH, NO! evening

The kids are on the ground and are practicing fending for themselves. Sometimes the parent finds a worm and leaves it on the ground for the kid to find and feed itself. Sometimes the kids mistake wood chip for food and eat it. Sometimes they bite off the end of a leaf, a real leaf, not a bug, and eat that. And sometimes they get tired and sit down and doze, little brown blobs blending into brown wood chips.

I was watching next to the driveway when my pals pulled out in their car. "Hey, Beth, take my picture". I sassily answered, "I only photograph birds". And out of the window came their bird, (on a leash of course), but right out the window. Gorgeous bird.

Close to 7pm I realized I was watching repeat behavior and decided to head upstairs. Near the entrance in the ground-cover ivy I heard, "Peep peep". A baby in the ivy?? The doorman had mentioned a little bird sitting on the sidewalk that he had sort of slow-maneuvered into the grass. "Peep peep". Have to find the source. Oh Lordy, another infant most likely from the nest high up closer to the avenue. No more fuzz on head, but a real new baby nevertheless very well hidden in the ivy, but on the ground . Not good. This is a worry.

It looked at me and opened mouth. Am I going to have to find food? Does it think I'm the mommy?

I'll feel better when this baby gets itself into a tree or bush. On the ground, even hidden in ivy is no good.

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