Monday, July 5, 2010

Garden giggles

There are specific families down in the garden and if one family member strays into another's space there's instant war, big noisy chases. Sorting out the territories involves standing still in one spot and watching the family interaction.

The cardinals are residing in the back garden, west end. The young male sees his reflection in the glass and faces off. From outside the birds don't see the inside of the lobby. They see a reflection of the garden. Face-offs every day.

Once outside it's a matter of following sound. Lots of babies up in trees calling for food. Parents finding worms, bugs and berries for the hungry youngsters.

When not up a tree the babies scurry around the ground. I try not to look like a food provider. I don't know what these babies are thinking, and yes, this is a baby, a big speckled baby.

Over in the other section of garden not far from where the cardinals live there's another robin family. The source of food, the mulberries, come from a huge mulberry tree in the middle of the garden. Sometimes it seems there are more birds in that tree than berries. Berries also fall to the ground for easy pickings.

That's right,.... pop it in.

That's delicious. So then what???

GIVE ME MORE !!!!! (It's non-stop).

Suggestion for the day: It's very important to remember to wear slob clothing during mulberry season, because when the birds poop it's purple and that berry stain never comes out.

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