Saturday, July 10, 2010

The open mouth

All the babies are calling parents for food, but when the temperature is too hot the open mouths are for ventilation. I went out to the garden for 40 minutes. That's all I could stand of the oppressive heat. First sounds- baby robins begging for food.

Papa and his shadow. Hunt for food. Kid waiting.

Sometimes the babies find their own food. It seems accidental,...... oh, there's something. Maybe it's edible.


Little Papa. Big baby.

Calling for food.
Mama-on-nest is having a hard time staying cool.

The different sound drew me to the end of the garden. Pretty sounds. Finches! First the female and then the male.

And then there was another sound. I knew the call, but couldn't believe my ears. It was true, first time in the garden, a Carolina wren,.... a nano second bird, there (click, click) and then gone.

The starlings are doing a lot of screaming. This babe caught a caterpillar, but then didn't know what to do with it, so carried it around for about 6 minutes. The other possibility is that the caterpillar was sticky and the starling didn't know how to shake it off.

Back to screaming for food.

Another food screamer.

There's food maturing on the branches. Soon there will be crisp apples. FOR ME!!!

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