Friday, July 30, 2010

Time to smile

Dusk. Time to go see what's going on. Lots of calls for food.

Follow the food....... and this baby flew off.

But just as fast, down to the ground flew another baby, strong descent, safe landing.
Wait a minute! Could this be??????????


YES !!!!!!!! And look at the progress, the improved position of the right foot. I shot and shot wanting to document this incredible improvement in both use of foot and strength. No bobbling around. No flopping over. No flight hesitation. Foot actually used for balance, some weight on end of "toes", slight bend of ankle joint in correct direction.

If I hadn't seen this I would never have believed it. After waiting on back of bench he then flew straight up into the tree top, strong ascent. No matter what happens next this was a heart warming sight.

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