Thursday, April 1, 2010

By the river

The rained stopped. Time to check on the hawks' nest. I started at the lower level by the river. All calm and in order. Mama hunkered down protecting the eggs. No sign of Papa. I tramped up to upper level and watched the robins and mockingbird. From that level it's possible to see the hawks' nest. I looked over the highway and there was Papa in nest, so I ran back down to lower level. Papa had delivered another branch.

Papa headed back to upper level. Me too, but I didn't see him and continued watching the robins and mockingbird. Mocker was giving a concert.
After an hour I decided to return here, happened to look up at the building on 79th street and Riverside Drive. Bingo! Papa on the 7th floor obviously watching for dinner. Incredible visual ability. He spotted something and zoomed down into the bushes near where I was standing. Great flurry of leaves. Obviously caught something and flew to a nearby branch. Naturally, the catch was hidden by this branch. I didn't see what it was until he was flying it to the nest. One rat. With all the pigeons on the lawn he chose the obscured rat. One less rat in the city.


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