Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Strawberry Field

The large field is now open. It was drizzly, cold..... nobody else around. Stepping onto the lawn felt like entering Wonderland. The first thing spotted was a bearded sparrow. Well, not quite. Someone had groomed a dog and left behind the hair for the birds. This is going to be one cozy nest.

I walked very slowly. There was the hermit thrush picking at food in the ground. It let me stand and watch. I wish the flickers hadn't been spooked, saw them, but they flew off.

There was beautiful singing. Followed the sound. Teeny Ruby-crowned kinglet. It sang and sang. Not another kinglet in sight. It studied me and then let me watch it preen. Total heaven.

It was fairly quiet maybe, because it was cold. On the way home I heard chirps, looked up and saw the sparrows repeat-boinging. The picture would have been better taken from the front, but then I would have been run over by Columbus Avenue traffic.

Next blog will be Strawberry Field robins. Expect wwwwwoooooorrrrrrmmmmmmsssss.

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