Sunday, April 25, 2010

Slow Saturday

I walked out of the house wondering what lay ahead. Warblers? Hawks? Anything different? At the path-turn I heard sound from up in the tree, crinkle sound. What kind of bird crinkles!!!??? A sparrow does if it's found cellophane, perfect for nesting. Waterproof nest. Sparrow and cellophane came down to the ground. Sparrow finally got this into a manageable wad and flew off to nest. Something told me this was going to be a goofy day.

More nesting project. This gutsy sparrow had the vine and tried to break it free by flying up into the air and pulling it. The vine never snapped free, but not for lack of effort.

Around the corner the robin was poking around and ended up jabbed into paper. Oops, not a worm.

More nesting materials. They're all doing it.

Work, then bathe........ papa gets clean, mama collects muck.

About the pond the dove was sunning itself. Starlings intruded on its privacy.

So pretty for spring, the white throated sparrow.

During the day I had seen a couple of warblers, no real photo opportunities. On the way out of the park I saw the palm warbler with a bug in its mouth, not a razor sharp picture, but something different.

Next posting will deal with nutrition.

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