Tuesday, April 6, 2010

By the river

Sometimes I head to the river via the 67th street ramp. There's a wonderful hillside lawn with bushes, but before heading down I look over the wall into the area. Bingo! Mocker in the bush intently looking around. There are bushes there that would be perfect for a nest. This is the mocker that does environmental sounds to perfection..... cars, buses, doormen whistles, etc.

It flew off into the space under the highway. It's like a big empty room, hollow space, great acoustics. It sat in there doing bus-in-reverse, beep beep beep beep beep. Since there was no bus under the highway it was obvious who was "honking".
Meanwhile out in the open the song sparrow decided to concertize, a Bach cantata. The combination,- real music and bus-in-reverse makes for a very funny listening experience.

Further uptown, east of the hawks' nest there's a pair of mockers. They'll probably nest in the tall tree and when the young hawks fledge they'll pester the hawks mercilessly. Territorial and family concerns, but on this day interest was on a huge berry. The stem had to be broken off and the fruit pealed from the pit making it small enough to swallow.

Down the hatch.


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