Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Home construction business

There's no way to know what's going to be seen on any single day. Onthis day it seemed to be all about home building. I wasn't fast enough to get the squirrel running up the tree with a
mouthful of leaves for the nest, but the squirrel was very obliging and posed in the front door.

The sparrow worked to get a shoot off this branch, dragged it all around the area to no avail. Finally settled on something smaller. This was a mighty branch for a small bird. Its pull strength was astonishing. Total determination.

The jays were by the side of the lake. The nesting material was just right. I stood still and watched this special moment not wanting to startle them. They gathered what they wanted and flew off together. I've never before seen two jays collecting nesting materials. Sweet.

It's nest building time. Next come the babies.

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