Thursday, April 29, 2010


It was cold in the park and very windy. That set the tempo for the day. Yes, the prothonotary warbler was seen by many up near the Castle, but I wanted to watch bird behavior on a frigid April day.
The only group I didn't see eating on the ground was the flock of cedar waxwings. They came down to the stream for a sip of water, at least twenty of them, in silence,- sip, and depart silently.

And while the oven bird strutted around mostly in the leaves for one brief bit he rested on a branch. Photo op time.

The jays were actively observing and diving into leaves for grub.

Because of the wind a lot of seed pods were thrown to the ground. I knew the birds would pick at the seeds, but never expected to see the squirrels dining on them as well.

The overall observation was that everyone was eating stuff that had blown down. Pretty finch dining near Wagner Cove.

Finch picking at food. Robin picking at nesting materials several feet away.

Final picker-plucker.


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