Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring stroll

Met squirrel at Amsterdam and 69th. Nest material collection time. I watched to see where it was going. Into the Synagogue construction site. Oh joy!! A religious squirrel. Beams and floors are going in, but it's otherwise open. A whole assortment of critters could be moving in. For sure the squirrel has found a cozy spot. I can just picture a service, one section for men, upstairs section for women and separate section for animals. Wherever they choose.

The chickadee came as a surprise. I was watching for warblers. Nice surprise, there and then gone.

I think this redwing blackbird knows me, because he flew over and yelled at me. It was an obvious call for attention, in my face, nothing subtle about it. I delivered a nut bit. Twice.

The palm warbler by Turtle Pond. There were lots of them flitting through the branches.

There were hermit thrushes all over the place. The edit was for the prettiest picture from many.

Pal Bully met on Bow Bridge. A face any photographer would adore.


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