Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Wander around and things get noticed. This partially albino house sparrow is a resident neat 81st street, seen several times.

There are far fewer hermit thrushes now, down from hundreds to maybe 50.

The last time I stopped at this spot and redbelly woodpeckers were home-drilling, pestered by starlings. Now the flicker is doing the same, also pestered by starlings. There's no way to tell who will move in and nest successfully.

One black-and-white warbler.

Lots of noise in the bushes. Finally action on the path. Male sparrow courting female. She would have nothing to do with him. Total brush-off. Poor chap.

Very big clue on the path. Broken eggs. It's not Halloween, so smashed eggs could only come from one place. Above.

Probably a sparrow's nest judging by the location and size. Other sparrow nests in vicinity. Problematic "basement" construction. Splat.

Home building....

And a sure clue that there are children at home.

Got to fill those gaping mouths.


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