Monday, April 19, 2010

I hear you, I hear you

I was so thrilled to see a cluster of flickers on the Strawberry Field lawn that I never noticed the towhee in the foreground. I'd simply never before seen groups of flickers dining together.

The next stop was across the road in the lower lobe. Someone was singing. Stared in the bushes. The male towhee stared back. He wasn't the singer. Four towhees seen on Sunday. All male.

Over to the Point. Singing. Loud. The ruby crowned kinglet. This tiny bird is hard to photograph. It flits not stop, and sings louder than you can imagine given it's tiny size. Lots of kinglets around, all very hard to photograph.

This post has been edited, because there's a very important bird to be prepped and posted. I had the incorrect ID. Next post will be within two hours.

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