Saturday, April 24, 2010

Here and there

The fun in birding is the constant change in bird population. The birds fly in,- eat, drink, rest- and depart, so no two days are alike. One day there can be thousands of hermit thrushes, the next day 25. I came in with a wish to watch a kinglet. The Point seemed like a good possible location. I never even had to walk that far. Ruby kinglet flew into my space and stayed a while, bug and bit-picking right in front of my face. Very hard to photograph, because this tiny jewel flits around. Fast! It was also eating bits of the buds.

Okay, so I overdid it a bit, but it's not often that one gets a cooperative kinglet.
Around the corner the male grackle was doing the mate-attraction dance. Funny!! All puffed and "sexy", strutting. The female could not have cared less, totally brushed him off.

I know, I know..... starlings. Brat birds, ....but they're very pretty brat birds. Clicky clicky in the grass.

And as for the grass, the flicker probes into the soil for grub and things. Flicker, grass beautiful.

The final bird really surprised me, the gorgeous redbelly woodpecker off the tree for a change. It flew up after a challenge from a dratted starling.

Sure, I like seeing the tiny warblers, any new park arrivals, but I'm just as happy seeing park regulars, the fascinating behavior.

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