Monday, April 12, 2010

The early birds

Not catcher-in-the-rye. Caller-in-the-grass.

The sparrows make their nests in the window of the men's room down by the river.

Pal mocker. There are two in this area. They may already have their nest bush selected.

And what's a day without worming. There is a technique. First block out turf. If another robin infringes, chase him/her away. Then study the ground. Any movement, give a test peck. Sometime the result is nothing. Other times the result is something tiny, but sometimes, oh boy, a pay-dirt monster worm. The big worms have to be pecked, diced, and when finally manageable, down the hatch they go. A good capture takes huge effort. After the effort it's okay to rest a minute. The worm is not going to go back into the ground. It will squirm and try to divert, but it will be above ground. With the tall grass it's sometimes hard to see the fulll extent of the worm. Yesterday I saw a big worm captured and in a split second a second robin sped in and stole it. I'd never before seen worm theft.

So good!

This is a series. Notice robin's body language. He's got something amazing and isn't going to let go, robin vs worm.

Got it! Time to slice and dice. Eat in sections.

Good to the very last inch.

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