Thursday, May 22, 2014

Babies, oh boy!

West 69th street, second time. Baby pigeon, new fledgling. Yucko baby. They come out of the nest dirty, because the nest is filthy, but there's a charm to a baby pigeon, adult size body,smaller head, no skills. This baby, as usual, was pacing the window ledge. I'm sure it can fly. It got out of the nest, but it's waiting for a food delivery, still getting food mouth-to-mouth. I waited, but it could have been hours till the adult showed up.  And like previous years this baby also has fungus toes. The baby, however, is a fabulous model.
Give me a break!  Fungus toes.
Vogue pose.
Different babies, Sheep Meadow nest.
Parent on guard next tree over.
Here comes lunch. Looks like an immature starling.
Very calm in that nest. Parent plucks feathers and delivers hunks of food.  Baby on right (partially hidden) chocked down a whole wing.
Mama flies out with bird's head.
Babies are bigger than apparent at first. This is a deep nest.
Mama stands guard across the path.
Every post should end with a little color. As long as the cotoneaster is in blossom I'll watch for orioles.

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