Saturday, May 31, 2014

Nestlings plus

There's a very small viewing space into the Capezzio nest. Two babies. Maybe they should be named TuTu A and TuTu B. They'll fledge soon.
When they fledge they'll get into the surrounding bushes, but I hope they get across the avenue into our garden.
The traffic sign sparrows are fascinating. Upstairs is still under construction, one bit at a time.  Downstairs has three voracious babies. I finally figured out what the front door plastic is, a condom!
Parent has arrived with food, looks like a sesame stick from a trail mix pack.  I checked later on. All babies still alive. A sesame stick is a hell of a snack for a tiny baby.
Another nest under construction and one new fledgling. Love that beak.
Back to the lamp post.  Pulling building materials inside.
Sometimes the snack is tiny.
Another fledgling by the lake. FuzzWuzz.
I am looking for more exotic birds. Here's a blackpoll, probably immature male. Orange legs were the ID clue.
And lastly, the black crowned night heron who sat staring. No catch observed.


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