Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The doves, final send-off

This is all from Monday evening, rain threatening, dark, gloomy.  I went downstairs around 6pm, late for a feeding schedule. Set the camera at ISO 800.  Kids were restless. They knew parent was nearby for feeding time. Look at size and coloration of kids' feathers and think back only one week.
Lot of activity in this space. B/W warbler oblivious to dove family.
Poopy Rock. Preening time. Oh jeez, Alpha Baby really preened sibling.
Had to use foot to dislodge preened feather.
Feeding time relatively calm, because there are only two kids to feed.
Feeding time ends and suddenly the whole family flies past my head into tree across the path, Parent higher with Alpha baby, younger baby stays on lower branch.
I'm worried. Will parent feed babies now in the tree??
Suddenly there's a whole lot of activity in same tree. The light situation is very dark under tree, so I boost the ISO to 3200 or I'll get nothing. What is going on up there????  Oh my God, it's another parent with an older baby. Answer to question: parents feed kids in trees.
Our Alpha Baby and parent. Second born has flown higher.
B/W warbler still in the mix.
All of a sudden there's a cluster of doves, at least 8, even above my head. What is going on?!!!   I don't even care if I get pooped on. This is something extraordinary. Is this every dove from this property??
And the B/W warbler carries on.   The doves all flew to a denser tree. Maybe they'll overnight there. Maybe they all came for the going away party. I haven't a clue.
Finally I was able to spot our babies.  Preening, resting.  I think this is it. I don't expect to see the again.
I hope they have a safe life.  Empty nest. Empty Poopy Rock. All gone.

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