Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tuesday continued

The kids have been active for about five minutes. They're ready for a feeding. They know how to preen Mama.
In exactly one second Papa flies in and Mama leaves home.
And Papa delivers the grub.
Much pumping out food, sucking, wing flapping. This was the first time I've seen sun on the nest.
My favorite family portrait, Papa and his kids, first hatched on right, second hatched in the middle.
Meanwhile on the scaffolding near the avenue three new nestlings in the robin nest. I won't document this. Impossible for pictures.
Dove nest observations:  Having seen the adult dove remove a fecal sac I wrongly assumed they kept a clean nest. Their nest is entwined with strands of fecal matter. You can see it in all the nest pictures. However, there are no flies swarming, so I'm assuming this is not dangerous for the babies. Now that the babies are  big this seems like a very small nest.

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