Saturday, May 10, 2014

Yesterday afternoon

The big question in my mind was whether the parents would continue to feed the kids now that they've fledged. No problem. Kids started getting restless around 5pm.  Dad arrived on light fixture and began calling. Kids "peeped" back.
Suddenly one of the kids flew out of the bushes onto the path. That's bad. That baby could get stepped on or run over by a bicycle.
Parent didn't approve either. Go back!!!  Look at body language of kid.
Mama watched all this from above.
Kid still on path, but finally flew back into protected space under nest.
Now parent is in tree watching kids and me.
Oh my God, parent back to nest. What's going on??
Baby in tree.
Baby in nest, can fly straight up from ground to nest. I'm stunned and have no idea whats going on.
To be continued.

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