Friday, May 23, 2014

One hour stroll, May 18th

Sometimes there isn't time to spend the whole day birding. This was one of those shorter days. I heard the bird "yell", and it was a yell, nothing melodious. I have no idea what the catbird was screaming about.
This was one docile flicker. It knew I was watching and didn't fly off. Bugs available? It stayed put for the longest time.
Huge nest, possibly a squirrel's nest. Black-throated green warbler checking it out for bugs. Very high up in tree.
I never before saw a common yellow throat in this kind of huddle. Cute!  Looks like a softball. And very safe in the branches.
Another tweeny redstart,  first year male.
There's a blue jay nest in this muddle, very well hidden. Mama is in there incubating.
Boss Tweed.
Have to watch the orioles go at the cotoneaster blossoms, this time the female.
Life is good when the orioles are in town.

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